A football player might possess exceptional talent. But, his contribution to the nation and the world of sports would remain negligible, if his performance is restricted to the courtyard of his own house. He needs a football ground to practice on and resources to buy the accessories. He also requires encouragement and support from those in authority so that he could freely play with others and prove his talent. In the same way, an entrepreneur, however creative he/she may be, cannot function without the supportive actions of the Government.

It is for the government/society to ensure the availability of required resources for the entrepreneurs and also the accessibility to them. This is because the successful entrepreneur contributes to the well being of the society. Policies relating to various-economic aspects like prices, availability of capital, labour and other inputs, demand structure, taxation, income distribution, etc. affect growth of entrepreneurship to a large extent.

Promotive government activities such as incentives and subsidies contribute substantially to entrepreneurial performance. At the same time, Government policies like licenses, regulations, favouritism, government monopolies, etc. are undesirable for the growth of business enterprises. Above all, a Government that is politically stable and united can effect entrepreneurial activities in a significant manner.