ITE Introduction

If you have read the first of these two books, hopefully, there are things in it that have resonated with you and you have decided that you want to add to your skills to a point where you can act in a more entrepreneurial way.

Others of you may have reached that position by your own analysis and are equally concerned about developing additional skills.

Either way, this book aims to assist you in developing a future vision for yourself in whatever aspect of your life you wish to make changes. This may be in terms of running an entrepreneurial business, being more entrepreneurial in your employment, or being more entrepreneurial in your social and private life.

What is important is that the choice this time remains yours. Parents, teachers, careers advisors or even your peers are not governing this. You only have to consider how you want your life to move forward.

Once you have worked through to the point where you have developed your vision for the future, you will find ways to help to make this happen. However, the important word is ‘help’. It can do no more than that. Change will only occur if you really want it and commit to it.

So, whether now is the time that you want to turn that long-held idea into successful business; whether it is now time to start looking at new employment opportunities that allow you to be creative; whether now is the time to start a new hobby or to change the rigid pattern of your social life; whether it is time to start being more adventurous in choice of holidays or whether there are other things you want to do, let’s get started.