If we go through the business history of successful entrepreneurs in our country, we come across the names of Tata, Birla, Gulshan Kumar, Modi, Kirlosker, Dalmia and others who started their business with small size and made good fortunes. The scanning of their personal features shows that there are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs which are found usually prominent in them. Successful entrepreneurs are action-oriented, they have the ability to visualise the steps from idea to actualization. They are both thinkers and doers, planners and workers, get involved-they adopt a hands-on approach, can tolerate ambiguity-enterprise always consists of action in uncertainty, accept risk but understand and manage it; overcome rather than avoid mistakes – they don’t admit they are beaten, see themselves as responsible for their own destiny they are dedicated, setting self-determined goals and believe in creating markets for their ideas, not just in responding to existing market demands.

An entrepreneur is a job-giver and not a job-seeker. This means that he is his own boss. The characteristics which make him his own boss are given below :

(a) Strong achievement orientation.
(b) Unwavering determination and commitment.
(c) Self-reliance and independence.
(d) Hunger for success.
(e) Self-confidence and self-faith.
(f) Sustained enthusiasm.
(g) Single-mindedness.
(h) Strong reality orientation.
(i) Willingness to accept responsibility.
(j) Courage.
(k) Ability to survive defeat.
(l) Become wealthy and stay humble.

An entrepreneur is a highly achievement oriented, enthusiastic and energetic individual.