17 Top Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider

  1. Have you understood our Cloud strategy and the business goals we seek to achieve through Cloud?
  2. How will your solution/service address our business problem?
  3. How will your Cloud solution/service meet our needs – both functionally and financially?
  4. How does your solution/service differentiate from your competitors?
  5. Why should we adopt your solution/service?
  6. Can you demonstrate successfully implementation at organizations/situation similar to ours?
  7. Do you have a trial period where we validate your solution can integrate with our environment?
  8. What contractual flexibility do you provide?
  9. Are the service level agreements (SLA) amendable to changing business needs? If so, how frequently?
  10. What price protection do you provide?
  11. What Quality of Performance (QoS) parameters does your solution/service consistently meet?
  12. How transparent are you in sharing SLA performance feedback on a regular basis?
  13. Can we tie the pricing to the SLA performance objectives?
  14. What efficiency and pricing gains can we achieve through your multi-tenancy model?
  15. Where are your data centres located? In which data centre will our solution and data reside?
  16. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? What are your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?
  17. How frequently do you test your DR plan?
  18. How will your cloud solution/service meet the operational, security, and compliance risks?
  19. How do you plan to meet the stringent general and industry-specific security and compliance standards security requirements?
  20. Are you aware of the different regulatory requirements that we both need to comply with? How do you plan to comply with them?
  21. What are your policies to safeguard and protect our data?
  22. What flexibility does your solution provide to configure to our needs?
  23. Does your solution provide the integration capabilities that our business needs?
  24. What is the division of responsibilities between you and our organization once the solution/service is successfully deployed?
  25. What level of Cloud management control do your provide to your consumers? Can we have a self-service tool/mechanism to manage the elasticity of our demands?
  26. What level of support do you provide? What is the escalation matrix?