14 Cloud Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

Following table highlights the top questions that business and organizations must ask themselves before embarking on a Cloud journey (especially Public Cloud).



Business Case

  • Have you developed business justification for implementing cloud project?
  • Have you identified success factors for implementing cloud project?
  • Have you identified the availability and business continuity requirements for your next cloud project?

Data Center Virtualization

Have you leveraged virtualization fully? Data center virtualization creates economies by putting in-house resources (infrastructure and people) to best use?


To be cloud-compatible, applications must share a common method of programmatic interaction to underlying cloud resources and services. Have you assessed the interoperability of your business applications with the applications on Cloud?


How would in-house applications integrate with applications on the cloud?

Computing resource usage

How much do your demands for computing resources change over the course of a year?

Data security

  • Do you have a data security plan to determine the minimum level of data security that you would accept from a cloud service provider?
  • Where is your core business data located – in-house or at Cloud location?

Application Migration Strategy

Have you developed a plan for migrating applications to a cloud?

Performance Requirements

What performance requirements have been identified for your cloud project?

Risk Management

Have you assessed the risks and implications if the Cloud service goes down or your data on Cloud is compromised?